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How the Sphera Marker works and looks

The assembly process of our innovative aerial marker balls is designed for efficiency and safety, dramatically reducing helicopter flight time for each installation. With unique, pre-assembled half-shells that easily hook onto the high-voltage line, and a quick-release fastener equipped with spring-loaded hinges, assembly is both quick and straightforward.


Frequently asked

What makes Sphera different?

Sphera stands out for its innovative, eco-friendly aerial marker balls that offer unparalleled assembly efficiency, customizable options, and sustainable practices, setting new standards in aerial safety and environmental responsibility.

What are the balls on power lines for?

Aerial marker balls are used to enhance the visibility of high-voltage power lines and other aerial hazards to aircraft and other objects, reducing the risk of collisions.

What are marker balls made of?

Our marker balls are made mainly from recycled materials, such as solid-colored ASA plastic with UV stabilization for longevity and aluminum for the holding jaws, ensuring they are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

What are the balls on power lines called?

They are known by various terms including aerial marker ball, visibility marker balls, spheres on power lines, visibility markers, warning ball, and warning sphere.


Depending on the customer‘s needs, we deliver the marker ball halves already pre-assembled or individually. You can then store them or hang them up immediately. We remain flexible for you and in this way, you can have your order quantity delivered cost-effectively as a mix.


The marker ball can be ordered in both sizes in the individual programme. Depending on your requirements, you can compile individual packages with varying quantities for different
applications. Our recycled panels are also used in the individual programme. As with the standard variants, these are already coloured. This means that small quantities can also be produced in an environmentally friendly manner, while retaining UV resistance.

  • speedy installment
  • fully customizable

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Certified quality made in Austria.
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